South Wales Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy  - We cover, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and the local Valley's.
Hypnotherapy Training Standards
In February 2011, a united profession finally put in place agreed national standards for the training of hypnotherapists. Whilst flexibility in theoretical underpinning and approach has been retained, a core curriculum and learning outcomes mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy must now be incorporated within any course of training that wishes to ensure its graduates will meet the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (the profession’s Voluntary Regulator)
Our professional hypnotherapy training Diploma Course complies to those standards and to the Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy as laid down by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council UK (GHSC)
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) Course
Venue, Hypnotherapy & Relaxation Clinic, Risca. near Newport. South Wales.

Entry requirements:
No prior knowledge required.
Advantages of being a hypnotherapist
  • No zero or hourly contracts
  • No Minimum wage
  • Work the hours that yourself and family life
  • Enjoy helping other people live better lives

  • Students are eligible for professional membership of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council GHR UK and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)voluntary regulator for complementary health practitioners the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) – set up in 2008 with Department of Health funding, when it admitted Hypnotherapy into its regulatory system on 1st December 2010.
  • Able to apply for
  • Public liability insurance Guaranteed
  •  Qualified and professionally able to work with the paying public

The course consists of 128 hrs.' practical face to face tuition
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diloma (HPD) Course
Hypnotherapy & Relaxation Clinic,
near Newport.

Professional Accredited Hypnotherapy Training Course dates.
Course dates. 2019 as follows 
The course consists of 128 hrs practical face to face tuition 
Spring Course 2019 starting date:
Sat   16th Sun 17th   
Sat   30th Sun 31st 
Sat  13th  Sun 14th  
Sat   27th Sun 28th
Sat  11th  Sun 12th      
Sat  1st    Sun 2nd    
Sat  15th  Sun 16th
Sat   29th  
Sat  13th 
Autumn - Winter Course 2019/20 
The course consists of 128 hrs practical face to face tuition 
Autumn - Winter Course Starting date:
Sat  2nd  Sun 3rd   
Sat 16th 
Sat  30th     
Sat 14th  
Sat  28th Sun 29th
Sat  4th   Sun 5th    
Sat  18th Sun 19th
Sat  1st   Sun 2nd
Sat  2nd  Sat 14th
Sat 11th  Sat 25th
Morning & Evening Classes 2019 commencing on the following days and dates
  • spring Morning Course:
  • Friday March 15th 10/30 am to 2/30 pm morning course
  • Evening courses are run for those unable to atend the morning course 
  • start Date:
  • Friday March 15th 5/30 pm  to 9/30 pm  evening course
  • Each class will run for approximately 14 weeks every Friday morning and evening
  • Autumn Courses begins:
  • Winter Morning Courses:
  • Friday 15th November 10/30 am to 2/30 pm
  • Evening course starts:
  • Friday 15th November 5/30 pm  to 9/30 pm
  • Our two week full time Practitioners course 11 am until 5 pm.
  •  The two week course to be arranged with tutor
  • Payment for the 2 week course is in full at the beginning of the course
  •  A deposit will be requested before attending
Other training
One to one training can be arranged for those people unable to attend the above class dates for further information call Dr Lyn On 01633 615050

Our two week  full time course starts on Monday March 11th  2019  
10/30 am until 4/30 pm

One to one training can be arranged between tutor and student. 
One to one training can be arranged for those people unable to attend the above class dates
    There will be no more than 4 students per class to ensure each student gets Lyn's undivided attention and the very best outcome from their training.
    The College believes in quality not quantity.
    For further enquiries  call Dr Lyn On 01633615050

        • This is the most advanced course in Clinical Hypnotherapy available to date in the UK.
        • Our morning and evening courses are the most popular with the person looking to change their profession whilst continuing in their present employment courses also people to train with young children at school
        • the morning and evening classes are limited to just 4 people per class we advise you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
          We also offer a one to one training for unable to attend the following dates

        • A £250 deposit will secure your place on the course look working with you and training you personally within our wonderful profession.
                 Dr. Lyn.
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