South Wales Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy  - We cover, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and the local Valley's.
Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Training

Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Clinic were all training is carried out has been awarded Best Hypnotherapy Clinic 2016

Syllabus LEVEL 1
Brief History of hypnotism past to present.
Dissociation Psychoanalytical theories
The law & hypnosis Stage Hypnosis
Myths Surrounding Hypnosis
Misuses of hypnosis
Trance resistance
Transforming Resistance
Principals underlying trance induction
Alternate states of consciousness
Contraindications to the use of Hypnosis
People of whom you should never hypnotise
How hypnosis works
The preliminary talk prior to trance induction
Developing rapport

Practice of Voice control Modulation – Projection – Delivery – Timing of voice.
Examining the uses of hypnotic tests
Waking suggestion
Hand compulsion test
Heavy and light test
Postural sway
Effectively utilizing permissive and direct suggestions.
Relaxation TechniqueConfusion Technique

The most advanced techniques of hypnosis is taught on the course
Eye fixation with relaxation
Relaxation and counting
Eye fixation with distraction
Dave Elman's Induction and deepening exercise:
Elman’s Rapid induction
Gill Boyne’s version of the
Elman technique Ericksonion hypnosis
Erickson’s hand levitation
Eye open and closure method

Sleep Induction
Deep trance induction
Multiple induction in the same session
Dr. Bateman' own personal techniques are also taught on the course
Visualisation techniques for facilitating relaxation
Evaluating the hypnotic state Re-orientation techniques Several methods of awakening your client The Hypnotherapists role in treatment

The three main methods of deepening trance.
The ten main signs of hypnosis.
Practical exam 

All course work is taken under the tutorlidge of Dr. Bateman.This is the most advanced course to date in Clinical Hypnosis & Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
All 3 levels of course work is professionally bound as one would expect from such a prestigious course.
The student upon completion of the course will receive our Prestigious diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy duly signed and sealed with the official seal and stamp of the ( CCMH ) College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis
Course location:
Bank House, 32 St, Mary Street, Risca,
Newport, NP116GS

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat: 14pm - 8pm
Sun: Closed
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