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Stress Management
One and two day courses offered within the working environment weekend courses available
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Dr. Lyn M. Bateman.
Bank House Group

Stress Management Tutor
Dr., Lyn M. Bateman. PHD.,DS.C.

The Program
The program will be of extreme value to those who are suffering from the effects of stress within the working and family environment. The Seminar is a must for the person wishing to reach the ultimate goal in business, and take true care of their company demands.
The Seminar/Workshop provides an excellent opportunity for managers and staff, it provides an in depth look at what stress is and the long term effects of stress on any one individual, and especially upon the working environment.
This is to include:
  • 1 Stress, individual perceptions and misconceptions
  • 2 Self assessment sheet
  • 3 Definition of stress
  • 4 Stress its causes and effect upon human beings to inc.
Individual differences not only psychological but the physical effects of stress
  • 5 Personality factors and stress and incorporates:
  • 1 Benefits of stress management in the work place and generally all round
  • 2 Proven techniques in stress management
  • 3 Specialized relaxation techniques
  • 4 Time awareness techniques
  • 5 Cognitive approaches to a stress free environment
Benefits of attendance:
  • 1 Better knowledge of avoiding stress
  • 2 A more relaxed and calm working environment
  • 3 Better team work and motivation
  • 4 Enhanced productivity in your organisation
  • 5 More relaxed work force and company image
  • 6 Understand more about your own personality
  • 7 Learn the techniques that Reduce and remove stress
  • 8 Our aim, to teach these skills to all that requires them, to maximise their full potential
Dr. Lyn Bateman.(FRSM)
Fellow of the Royal Society Medicine.,
Life Member American Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Hypnosis & Education.

Association, Director of studies to the British College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis,
and member of many other associations.
Dr. Bateman is well known for his ever pioneering work over the last 36 years holds a PH.D., and D.Sc.
Lyn is a full time practising hypnotherapist / psychotherapist and analyst, and relaxation therapist, tutor and lecturer. He as spent over three decades analysing people’s awareness both consciously and unconsciously and works mainly in the field of stress related problems, to including : anxiety, phobias and depression and there effects upon human life. He is an expert in the field of Stress and anxiety states.
Any individual or employee who deals with the public in sales or any other capacity and those who feels the effect of stress and suffers from stress related problems in this ever demanding world of which we live.
Seminars are held on weekends to avoid any company interruption and allows attendants to feel more relaxed.
Seminars will begin at 10 am with a break from 12.30 until 1.30 and continue until 4pm, all seminars end with a 30 minute question and answer time.
All attendees will have bound hand outs on stress and stress control throughout the day and a cd. to assist in the continuing practice of stress control through specialised and proven techniques.
All fees are payable one week prior to attendance and the total cost for the one day seminar £250.00.
Receipts for payment will be given to all attendees.
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