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                                                      ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION
is a state of mind like phobias that is induced by the way we think, and the things that happen to us in our life, at work/home in social settings etc. Anxiety is a necessity for everyone, as it allows individuals to predict fearful
situations that may arise at any given time, level of the anxiety will depend upon the stimulus presented and it is the level that is produced is the problem.
phobias can be created just from thought. If you were to think of some thought long enough,  you can create anxiety just from the imagination without any real situation being present, (what you have grown to expect and believe will happen in certain situations)You may be fully aware that there  is no danger  that nothing is going to happen to you in reality, but at another level of conscious tells you that may happen to you, and that thought alone will trigger anxiety and fear and can wreck a normal individuals life and create all sorts of psychological and physical problems from of stress.
A prime example of this is I.B.S. Irritable Bowel Syndrome which may include, severe abdominal and the fear of going out, because of stomach ulcers can be, excess stress can be a major contribution to coronary heart disease, especially if there are other contributing factors such as genetic inheritance, this type of person could have a much higher risk factor.

Feelings Associated with Anxiety - Stress & Tension
These feelings differ from person to person very often associated with the stress threshold of the individual, plus the length of time you may have been suffering. Sometimes this can feel unbearable, life becomes a misery, normal situations or small becomes blown out of proportion, but, most people experience the same feelings, dry mouth, sweating palms to being absolutely soaking wet, palpitations, emotional weeping, as with irritable bowel syndrome, blushing,  hot flushes, high blood pressure, feeling faint and so on are all associated with anxiety.
Depression is a more severe form of illness and may be very serious in nature, the type of depression that an individual is suffering from. Unfortunately most cases of the more serious types of depression will need to be treated by one form of drug or another, such Prozac or a course of different drugs will be the treatment your General Practitioner may advise, and in most cases the antidepressants will be of great help in reducing the effects of the depressive episode.

Some of the feelings associated with depression.
These can include loss of feeling low and miserable, feeling you cannot cope, loss of libido, sleep disturbance, headaches, backaches memory many more problems may be felt by
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