South Wales Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy  - We cover, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and the local Valley's.
Dr. Lyn M Bateman 
NHS Provider Number 8WF43
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Director of Clinical & Medical studies to the
British College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis & scientific research.
Fellow of the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists.
Senior Member, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Lyn studied and trained a hypnotherapist at The Blue Stone Clinic, Upper Harley Street, London in1980

Lyn's belief is that his Client/Patients needs and bespoke treatments are of the utmost importance he is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage (over 80%) of our Clinic's Client/ the way of referrals.

Prof Lyn M Bateman  Ph.D., D.Sc

Academic qualifications
He holds the titles and of Professor of the syllabus of Clinical and Hypnosis 
Doctor of philosophy. Alternative Medicine
Prof Lyn M Bateman MD (A.M. DSc
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Academic qualifications
1988 -1992, Past Chairman of the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists Awarded Life Fellow
1989 - 1992, Past Chairman of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists
Awarded Life Fellow
1990 - 2017 forensic patterning utilizing Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis
1992 - 2017 Trauma Specialist hypnosis and psychotherapy
2003- Awarded Life Member the National of Professional & Ethical Standards Hypnosis, Educations & Certification
Senior Member General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
2007, Alternative Medicine
2011-2017, Dr. Lyn M. Bateman,  Professor, U.K. Approved for Teaching Hypnotherapy up to Doctorate Level of Studies
2013 - 2017 Member of the Guild for Stress Management and Trauma Specialists
2015 - 2017, Director of Clinical and Medical Studies, to the College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis & Scientific Research

Scientific Publications
The price of success The Expert Witness Journal
Doping In Sport! The Expert Witness Journal
Justice or travesty? The Expert Witness Journal  

General publications
Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy a clear and straight forward explanation
Consul-ties with other Universities
The Open International University for Complementary Medicines

Experience in Academia
1980 - 2017 Senior Tutor - Lecturer Clinical and Medical Hypnosis inc Counselling and Psychotherapy

1980 - 2017 Senior Consultant Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist/Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, at the Hypnotherapy & Relaxation Clinic Risca
1990 - 2017 forensic patterning utilizing Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis
1992 - 2017 Trauma Specialist hypnosis and psychotherapy
2011, Dr. Lyn M. Bateman, Professor, U.K. Approved for Teaching Hypnotherapy up to Doctorate Level of Studies IBAM
2011, Travelling Professor to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
2013 - 2017  Member of the Guild for Stress Management and Trauma.
Specialist in stress and trauma therapy
2015 - 2017, Clinical Director of Studies, to College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis & Scientific Research  

Lyn became interested in the science of hypnosis at the early age of 14 after purchasing a book on hypnotherapy and hypnosis from a small book shop in Hay-on-Wye.  Lyn’s thirst for knowledge grew from this small beginning, which was to be the stepping stone to his becoming one of the leading cabaret hypnotists in the U.K. and allowed membership into the highly respected Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.
This boasts amongst its such names as the late great Peter Casson and TV hypnotist Paul Mckenna, (it is a fact that at meetings Lyn and Paul exchanged a few "tricks of the trade" so to speak). During his lifetime’s involvement with Lyn has been both Chairman and Vice Chairman of the British Association of Therapeutical World Federation of Hypnotherapists as well as being Chairman was awarded the title and 'Fellow of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists'.
Lyn has given hundred’s of lectures and demonstrations of both hypnosis and hypnotherapy to both lay and Medical Practitioners and has lectured on techniques not to mention having demonstrated his skills in Harley Street, London.
Throughout a period of 40 plus years of private practice, Lyn has treated every conceivable psychosomatic illness, even to Broadmoor Hospital on occasions to further his studies in the more severe mental illnesses.   
Ranked amongst Lyn’s patient list have been, Doctors of Medicine, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dental Surgeons, and members of their families together with many others allied to the medical or caring profession.
World class sports personalities, to inc, Gold Medalists also rank amongst his clients, whereby the use of hypnosis has proved extremely successful in improving their particular sport.
He renown for his extremely high success rate within his clinical practice.
Lyn has also carried out forensic hypnosis to assist people involved in court proceedings in respect of the retrieval of forgotten memories brought about by trauma and violence. 
He has trained a Norwegian Anaesthetist, a Doctor of Medicine who travelled to Wales to learn first hand from Lyn the practice and use of hypnosis to further her skills to reduce needle phobia in patients prior to operative procedures and to induce anaesthesia in patients solely with the use of hypnosis, and also, the use of hypnosis for the relief of underlying fears and phobias in her everyday practice.  

Lyn has appeared on both Radio and Television talking and demonstrating his skills his first Tv Programme was in 1992 for the BBC. Lyn has successfully taught advanced techniques of clinical and medical hypnosis to therapists of long standing, throughout the U.K. As most of Lyn’s methods are individual to himself, to watch his demonstrations of high speed/instantaneous hypnosis is an experience not to be missed and his skills honed by a lifetime’s study and practice must rank him as one of the most outstanding members of his profession in the UK, his abilities are second to none.
Over  80% of Lyn's clients have been by referral. 
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